2022 Home Decor Color Trends And 60 Ideas

Planning a home renovation this year? Then you may be wondering what’s on, what’s on trend and what to apply to your spaces to make them look perfect. I’ve gathered the trendiest colors of 2022 according to the most famous designers and architects, and if Very (more…)

2022 Home Decor Trends And 57 Edgy Ideas

2022 is officially here, and it’s time to look at trends that it’s bringing us. These home decor trends may be helpful if you are going to renovate your dwelling this year or maybe next year and want to see the direction design and decor are (more…)

32 Trendy Very Peri Home Decor Ideas

Very Peri is officially the color of the year, this is somewhat between blue and purple, the color of periwinkle. This unique shade symbolizes future and optimism, with which we are looking at it, and it was chosen by Pantone themselves, without analyzing anything. Veri peri (more…)

30 Brick Fireplaces To Cozy Up Your Space

A fireplace is always a centerpiece, in any room and in any style, this is where we are all attracted, especially during cold seasons. Styling a fireplace, its mantel and a nook around it is an important way to add coziness to the room and make (more…)

40 Inspiring Small Deck Decor Ideas

A private outdoor space is a dream, even if it’s small, you can still turn it into your personal oasis of joy. Today I’d like to share some ideas on styling a small deck in various styles and for various purposes, too, take a look! A Small (more…)

18 Cool And Smart IKEA Hol Table Hacks

IKEA Hol tables are pretty and simple furniture pieces that can be easily integrated into many interiors. If it doesn’t match and fit your space, just hack it! We’ve gathered a bunch of very cool and easy IKEA Hol hacks that may be of source for (more…)

35 Stylish Concrete Bathroom Decor Ideas

Concrete is a very popular material  for decorating homes today: it’s durable, it looks contemporary and it’s budget-friendly. It’s often used in functional areas like bathrooms and kitchens where we spend much time and from which we require much durability. Today I’d like to show you (more…)

30 Coolest Stock Tank Pool Ideas

Summer is the best time to stay outside, have meals and drinks, receive guests, chat with friends, sunbathe and of course swim. If you don’t have a pool and planning to get one, I’d advise a stock tank pool as it features numerous advantages. Size Most stock (more…)

30 Chic Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplashes

Tiles will never go out of style in home decor: they are chic, durable, easy to maintain – what else can we wish? Among all the types of tiles subway ones are classics: due to their basic shape and look they can match almost any space (more…)

34 Cozy Small Backyard Decor Ideas

Having a personal outdoor space is real luxury and if you are lucky to own one, congratulations! Backyards, balconies, terraces, patios – anything is great to breathe fresh air in and enjoy some sunshine. But what to do if your space quite small and you don’t (more…)