50 Beautiful Fireplace Tile Ideas To Try

A fireplace is a centerpiece of any space – it generates if not real warmth, then a cozy and heart-warming ambience around it and welcomes to the room. How to style a fireplace to make it look perfect and to make it safe at the same time? The most popular answer is cladding a fireplace with tiles, and I’m ready to share some beautiful ideas that will add to your interior.

What Tile To Choose For A Fireplace?

Here the answer can be any as any tile will do: subway, herringbone, Zellige, fish scale, arabesque, penny tiles and various beautiful patterned ones. Consider the style and color scheme of your space while choosing tile: a modern or modern farmhouse space can welcome almost any tile that matches in color and print, a minimalist or contemporary space is about getting more sleek and no-pattern tile. Even if you have a small metal hearth, surrounding it with tile will accent it and will make it safer.

Tile usually makes your fireplace the most eye-catchy element of the room, and if you go for patterned or colorful tile, you will accent the fireplace even more and will add a catchy touch to the space.

What Other Materials To Use?

Styling the floor in front of the fireplace (if it’s a working one) can be done with different or matching tile, marble, stone and even metal – tile looks great with everything. Place a couple of usual or metal baskets with firewood to create a cozier feel or put some floor cushions to relax here.

What Mantel Matches A Tiled Fireplace?

Most of such mantels feature beautiful stained wooden mantels, some of them can be sleek slab ones, others can be made of weathered and aged wood to create a contrast between wood and sleek tile. You may also go for a very elegant vintage-inspired mantel to create a more chic look, this is great for vintage-inspired rooms. A colorful mantel will be a nice idea for a bright and modern space. Get more ideas below!

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