2022 Home Decor Color Trends And 60 Ideas

Planning a home renovation this year? Then you may be wondering what’s on, what’s on trend and what to apply to your spaces to make them look perfect. I’ve gathered the trendiest colors of 2022 according to the most famous designers and architects, and if Very Peri isn’t your thing, you may find something different below.

Earthy Tones

Earthy tones have conquered the world as they are warm and make any space inviting at once, besides, they are perfect for boho and mid-century modern spaces, though they can be applied to many other spaces, too. Rust, mustard, orange, yellows and other shades like these will make your space relaxing and comfortable to stay in.

Warm Neutrals

Neutrals will never be out of style, they are a perfect solution for every interior and I’d say if you don’t know what colors to try, try neutrals! This year neutrals are getting softer and warmer, and those cold greys and crispy whites are leaving their top place, while creamy shades and warm tans are welcome. Warm neutrals will fill your space with light and will make it very welcoming.

Sunny Yellow

If you miss sunshine, this is it! Add a bit of sunny yellow touches here and there, and your space will always feel as if it’s a sunny one! I love this color and this trend, it’s sure to bring joy to any home, besides, sunny yellow can be paired up with many other colors, both cold and warm ones.


We are all striving to nature and outdoors, and green being the main natural color and most soothing of all colors (according to its psychological meaning), is a perfect choice. Whether you enjoy moody spaces and try dark green or you like lighter rooms and will go for pastel greens, it’s always a great idea.

Stone Blue

Stone blue is one of the most elegant and chic shades of blue that will definitely give a stylish touch to your space. You can pair it up with neutrals, with pastels and even bold colors creating a contrast, it’s classics that can be on top or off top but it never goes out of style.


Deep purple shades like aubergine are a gorgeous idea for those who enjoy dark and moody rooms and feel relaxed there. Deep aubergine is a very sophisticated and elegant shade, so if you were looking for a fresh alternative to black, this is it.

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