32 Trendy Very Peri Home Decor Ideas

Very Peri is officially the color of the year, this is somewhat between blue and purple, the color of periwinkle. This unique shade symbolizes future and optimism, with which we are looking at it, and it was chosen by Pantone themselves, without analyzing anything.

Veri peri is a special color, and I wouldn’t say that it’s extremely compatible like black or white but it still has some tones to pair it with. Grey, beige, pink, orange, yellow, blue, green and white will be perhaps the most actual shades that will show off this shade to advantage. If you are looking for a trendy touch to your home decor, I’d strongly recommend to use this complicated shade to make it outstanding, and here are some ideas to do that.

Very Peri Walls

A very peri accent wall is a gorgeous solution for any moody or neutral space – that will be a bold splash of color! If you are a daring person who loves much color, why not rock all the walls painted very peri? A vintage, boho or eclectic space can welcome such a color easily, and you may also rock a matching ceiling or floor.

Very Peri Furniture

Incorporating some very peri furniture pieces will be an easier solution to give your home a fashion infusion. A very peri sofa, chair, loveseat, daybed, desk or even some kitchen cabinets will be a gorgeous color addition to your space. Don’t want to buy anything? Go repaint or reupholster an existing piece and voila – your interior is super trendy!

Very Peri Textiles

Home textiles are the most budget-friendly and comfortable way to change something in your space. Get a large very peri rug – it’s a gorgeous idea to infuse your space with a trendy color and to bring some coziness inside simultaneously. Bedding, pillows and curtains will be another great means to apply to any room, and you can get a lot of them. Get inspired by more ideas below and enjoy this unusual color in your home, too!

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