15 Gorgeous Boho Pool Space Decor Ideas

I love staying by the pool in summer! If you do and if you are a happy owner of a pool in your backyard, you can sometimes puzzle over its décor. I’ve gathered some amazing ideas – boho inspired pool spaces that will excite those of you who are free-spirited. Let’s take a look!

Boho Pool Space

If you love boho, you may create a boho meets minimalist space, make a stone or concrete space, add mosaic tiles, surround your pool with potted cacti, succulents and just statement plants. Hang a tassel hammock, place some candle lanterns and Moroccan wedding blanket inspired pillows. Wicker lamps, rugs, boho artworks and even antique doors will add a boho feel to the space.

Moroccan Pool Space

Moroccan décor is often used in boho spaces as it features right vibes and decorations. If you really love boho and even with Moroccan flavor, you may style your pool space in this style, too. Go for amazing Moroccan tiles everywhere – in the pool and in the backyard, too. Put potted cacti, trees, succulents, hang Moroccan lanterns, put elegant furniture – it may be Moroccan-styled or more contemporary to contrast the Moroccan décor. Candle lanterns and rattan touches are a must for such a space. Moroccan style guarantees creating a relaxation oasis with a boho feel, if you love such décor, just go!

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