15 IKEA Litter Boxes And Kitty Loos

If you are a happy owner of a cat or even several kitties, this article is for you – we’ve gathered a bunch of stylish litter boxes and kitty loos all made of IKEA items. Grab a proper IKEA piece and make a comfy loo for your pet!

Kallax/ Besta

IKEA Kallax and Besta units are among the best units to turn them into a cool IKEA litter box. You can cut out an entrance in its lower part and place everything necessary inside – from a litter box to even a scratcher. The loo should be easily reachable, so make sure that this entrance fits your cat and it feels comfortable inside.


IKEA Stuva cabinets are vey functional and can be easily turned into kitty loos – place the stuff inside and cut out an entrance using the top of the unit as a seat, a cat bed or something else.


An IKEA Hol table is a great base for a kitty loo: hide it inside cutting an entrance and voila! Your cat will be able to observe everything from inside, too, which is often necessary for cats to feel comfortable.

Other IKEA Cabinets

What else can you use as a potential kitty loo? IKEA Billy bookcase, Brusali or Metod cabinet, PS cabinet or Pax wardrobe and many other items, just turn on your creativity to make your pet super happy! Take a look at the projects below and find a piece that you like there!


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