15 Simple And Cool IKEA Hyllis Shelves Hacks

    An IKEA Hyllis shelf is a piece made of metal, it’s very comfortable for open storage of everything you may need – from kitchen appliances and food to potted plants and shoes. But if you need something more special to fit your needs, you can just hack Hyllis. Take a look at the ideas we’ve prepared for you and get inspired!


    If you just need to change the look of Hyllis a bit, there are several easy ways. You may spray paint the frame or the whole unit in the color you like or swap the shelves – for glass or wood. If you don’t feel like swapping the shelves, paint them or cover them with contact paper. Is Hyllis too large for your space? Then cut a part that you need and hack it to fit the interior perfectly.

Hacking Into Other Units

    What other units can be made of an IKEA Hyllis? You’ll be surprised how many you can make! You can craft a suspended garden that holds lots of pots, a TV unit with a wooden countertop, a clothes rack with shoe storage, a credenza with storage boxes and pegboard and much more! Get inspired!

by Olivia

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