15 Ways To Make Your Home Smell Like Fall

    Fall is here, do you feel it? it’s high time to find your warm blankets, cozy velvet pillows and hot coffee or tea and cuddle up in some cozy nook. What will bring more coziness to your space is a cool fireplace and a fall-inspired smell in your home. How to bring it? here are some simple ideas, and you’ll find DIYs for most of them below.

Fall-Scented Candles

    Fall-scented candles are amazing to fill your hoe with fall aromas and you can even DIY some if you feel like it. Lavender, vanilla, pumpkin spice, cinnamon, tchai and any other aromas are welcome – scent your candles as you like to give them a cool fall feel.

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    Potpourri is a classic idea to fill your space with scents and aromas of any kind and of course you can DIY your own mix with the smells you like. Cinnamon bark, oranges, pinecones and berries is what you may usually see in such mixes, choose your best one or mix up your own!

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Other Ideas

    Some other ideas are fall-scented candles, which is a very easy DIY craft, diffusers with fall aromas and even garlands of dried apples and citrus that can be used for decor and a fall feel in your home. Get crafty and make any of them using these tutorials!

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