17 Clever Ways To Use IKEA Drona Boxes At Home

    IKEA Drona boxes are storage items of a proper size for books, clothes, toys and other items and come in various colors. You may use them not only for storing things in various rooms but also to spruce up your furniture and make it more closed and more comfortable. Here are some ideas to use and to decorate IKEA Drona boxes, get inspired!

Drona In IKEA Furniture

    Drona boxes seem to be created for many IKEA storage items: Expedit, Kallax and many others in various configurations and looks. Just pick the colors you like and insert wherever you need that! The boxes can be decorated with stickers, painting, labels, tassels and just handles.

Using Drona Boxes Separately

    Drona boxes can be also used separately anywhere you want – they are amazing for storing kids’ toys, for books, papers, files, various accessories and much more – anything that comes to your mind! If you don’t want to clutter the space, make them invisible putting them under a bed, a chair or a sofa. Enjoy!

by Chloe

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