17 Smart Ideas To Use IKEA Knagglig Boxes

    Knagglig by IKEA are basic pine boxes that can be used in tons of ways in various spaces. If you need some ideas what to build of these boxes or how to use them, here they are!

Storage Items Of Knagglig

    Knagglig boxes are created for storage and of course you may use them anywhere for that – in bedrooms, kids’ rooms, closets and everywhere you want. Wanna more comfort? Add casters to the boxes and you’ll get a mobile storage piece! You may also build larger storage units of Knagglig and put them on the floor or save the floor space and attach them to the wall.

Other Items Of Knagglig

    Knagglig boxes can be used to make other furniture pieces that may also include some storage space or not include it. Knagglig are a great base for little stools and ottomans on casters, for side tables and even for a drink station with much storage, of course! Get inspired!

by Chloe

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