18 Cool And Smart IKEA Hol Table Hacks

IKEA Hol tables are pretty and simple furniture pieces that can be easily integrated into many interiors. If it doesn’t match and fit your space, just hack it! We’ve gathered a bunch of very cool and easy IKEA Hol hacks that may be of source for you, take a look!

IKEA Hol Table Hacks For Pets

IKEA Hol tables are perfect to hack them for your pet, whether it’s a cat, a small dog, a bunny or even a turtle. Kitty loos can be hidden inside a Hol table and on top you may place a cat bed. A couple of IKEA Hol tables can be turned into a real bunny palace, and small dogs can also sleep inside and on top. Such a piece can be placed in an entryway, in your bedroom, living room or somewhere else, so your pet will be always next to you, even if hidden.

Other IKEA Hol Table Hacks

IKEA Hol tables can be easily turned into pretty nightstands with plenty of storage – stain or pint your table as you need. It can be used to make storage benches for small spaces like balconies, entryways or even as a bathroom storage unit. Turn your IKEA Hol table into a charging station or a radiator cover – such a craft is easy and won’t take much time or effort. Get inspired!

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