20 Balcony Workspaces That Inspire

    Lack of space is a frequent problem in modern homes, and we are trying to use every inch of space to get maximum. Space-saving solutions, open layouts, multifunctional furniture help to do that, and every space is used in all possible ways. If you have a balcony, even a small one, you can turn it into a dining space, a small living room, a home office or anything else that you want. This article gonna inspire you to make a comfy and functional workspace on the balcony, let’s begin.

Large Balconies

    A large balcony is easy to turn into a workspace of your dreams. Add a comfy desk, open shelving (such shelves don’t look bulky), some storage units. If the balcony is big enough, you can create a shared space – if somebody else needs a working zone in your home. Place a couch, potted greenery and other things that you like.

Small Balconies

    If the balcony is tiny – usually very narrow, decorating it will be trickier. Your desk, as the main piece here, should be attached to the wall – just a countertop is enough, and it can be even foldable. Open shelving doesn’t look bulky, and it’s very important for small spaces. On the other side, a sleek unit over the desk won’t look large either. Some accessories are up to you – depending on the amount space you have and what you like. Get inspired!

by Chloe

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