20 Chic Ideas To Decorate A White Christmas Tree

    Most of us have traditional Christmas trees at home but what if you want something more special? Rock a gorgeous pure white tree! Such a neutral piece means that you can decorate it anyhow and it will look amazing. Let’s have a look at some ideas to do that.

Colorful Decor

    A white tree with colorful ornaments will definitely stand out and will make your space very special. Decorate the tree with black letters or ornaments, try various color combos like purple and gold, turquoise and copper, red and emerald, pink and blue and any other that you like. You may also try all shades of the rainbow to make the tree more cheerful and whimsy. Colorful ornaments will stand out on such a tree even more than on a usual one.

Neutral/Pastel Decor

    Neutral decor is also a nice idea for a white tree, it will look sweet and cute. White, creamy, pearly ornaments and garlands and strands of pearls will make your tree look like a frozen one. go metallic, metal decor is very trendy now, and a white tree will look very chic. Another idea is going pastels, it’s a perfect idea for a girlish space or vintage or shabby chic one. Enjoy the ideas below!

by Chloe

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