20 Cool Ways to Hack IKEA Regolit Lampshades

    IKEA Regolit lampshades are simple plain ones made of rice paper and of course they just scream of hacking! I’ve prepared some cool and bold ideas to update your simple Regolit piece, take a look and get inspired!

Neutral Regolit Hacks

    If you prefer neutrals or pastels, don’t go for bright paints or stickers, give your lampshade a texture with some paper feathers, cupcake liners, white pompoms, lace or just some folded paper. If you want to add a subtle touch of color, go for an ombre effect – it’s a very trendy idea. turn your neutral Regolit into a whole hot air balloon to use in a kids’ space – it’s a very dreamy and whimsy hack!

Colorful Regolit Hacks

    If you prefer colors, the possibilities are endless: there are so many shades you may use to renovate the lampshade! You ay also decorate it with colorful fish scales made of paper, with letters, buttons and even cocktail umbrellas for a fun touch. Enjoy!

by Chloe

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