20 Coolest IKEA Ivar Cabinet Hacks To Try

    IKEA Ivar cabinets are plain pine pieces, which means that renovating and sprucing them up is a hot idea! Wherever you need a storage piece, whatever kind of piece you need – you can get one! Let’s take a look at some edgy options.


    The easiest idea to hack your Ivar cabinet is to paint it. You may paint it completely, add patterns and prints, or create a whole masterpiece of abstract painting. Add some handles that look nice with this new piece, and maybe legs. Hacking an Ivar cabinet can change the piece so much that it will look completely different!

Other Hacks

    How else can you change an Ivar? Add some catchy handles – round ones, metallic ones or any other. Cover it with masking tape creating some prints or cover it vintage book pages. Change the doors – cane ones will give your cabinet a relaxed look. Get inspired to create!

by Chloe

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