20 Empty Frame Home Decor Ideas

    Artworks and mirrors are traditional for home decor but if you wanna get something more original and bold, take just frames. A bod picture frame doesn’t require any art, it’s art itself! Empty frames are a hot home decor trend, which you may incorporate into your decor adding a refined feel to it.

    Empty frames don’t require much money though will make your home look wow. You may just take old frames from your grandma’s home and repaint or refinish them and then create. Frames are fine for many decor styles: shabby chic, vintage, rustic, contemporary, Scandinavian and so on.

    Empty frames are hung in clusters, so they usually have a unified look more or less. It can be the same finish or color, maybe several colors. Wanna something bolder? Go for all-different frames, in color and looks! Gallery walls are very popular now, too, and you may go for one of empty frames, monograms and signs.

by Olivia

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