20 Ideas To Mix And Match Tiles In Your Bathroom

    Using one type of tile all over the bathroom is weird unless you don’t have much of it. we usually go for one type of tile on the floor, another on the walls, sometimes also accenting the shower space or the sink with a third type. How to mix and match tiles in your bathroom to achieve a stylish look? Consider these ideas.

    When we start a bathroom renovation, we usually have a tile on our minds, so take it as your must and look for a match. Rock not more than three different tiles to achieve a stylish look – too many different tiles won’t bring an elegant or timeless look.

Same Color, Different Tiles

    If you want to achieve a timeless bathroom design, this is the look for you. Floors and walls are clad in the same color tile, yet different sizes and maybe different shapes are used on the walls to a boring look and bring some interest to the space. Such design never goes out of style and it always works.

A Bold Floor, Plain Walls

    If you’ve chosen bold floor tiles, keep your walls neutral or plain. If you want to give your space a modern and fresh look, this is a way to go – most of modern designers prefer to accent the floor and not the walls, this way the bathroom looks relaxing yet features an accent.

Bold Walls, A Plain Floor

    This is a revertive idea when wall tiles are the show-stopper in this bathroom style and floor tiles are kept neutral and plain in color. You may also go for painting the walls or wallpaper and accent only the bathtub, shower or sink with bold tiles, this is a trendy bathroom decor ideas right now.

by Olivia

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