20 IKEA Hemnes Shoe Cabinet Hacks You’ll Love

    Hemnes shoe cabinets are simple and plain storage pieces, sleek and simple ones, ideal for a small space. How to hack them to match your interior? There are some cool ideas you may try, let’s consider some of them.

Knobs And Handles

    Sometimes all you need to do is to change knobs or handles to achieve a chic and refreshed look. Go for new ones that match your interior and voila – you have a stylish piece! This is a very simple and fast hack to go for.

Painting And Staining

    Painting and staining is another not very difficult way to spruce up your IKEA Hemnes cabinet. Paint it in any color that fits your space leaving the white framing around or skipping it. To give it a rustic feel, just stain it in some pretty shade. Changing knobs may be required here, too!

Other Ideas

    You may also clad your Hemnes cabinet with some wood pieces for a rustic look – such a craft is more difficult than just staining but it’s still cool. You may also go for wood grain contact paper, and the result will be no worse – such paper can be easily bought anywhere. Add a wooden countertop to your Hemnes, and it will become a stylish entryway console. Get inspired!

by Olivia

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