20 Modern Ways To Decorate A Tiny Space

    A tiny space is always a challenge: how to make it functional yet stylish? How to accommodate everything you may need? We all know those standard tips to decorate such a room: don’t clutter, avoid large-scale piece, go neutrals to make the space look larger and so on but let’s be honest: they are too old-fashioned and your space will also do. Want some fresh ideas to make your tiny space cool? Here they are!

Large Furniture

    Though the main advice is usually to avoid large furniture, do on the contrary, it won’t make your space small, it will make it decluttered, and this is actually what you need for functionality. First of all, decide what furniture pieces are essential here and buy some of them or just one in a large size. It can be a large sofa, a chair or an armchair, a sofa and an ottoman or any other furniture you need. A clever trick is to go for sconces, wall lamps and shelves to save the floor space for larger items.

Built-In Furniture

    Even if the space is very small, you can always make it functional with built-ins! There are lots of built-in possibilities from lights to storage, which are here to save your space and allow you accommodate everything you may need: beds, benches, storage items. Go for built-in storage drawers in your large scale furniture and you will make your space clutter-free.

Giant Mirror/Artwork

    Mirrors are always welcome in small spaces because they visually double the space and also fill it with light reflecting it, and a mirror wall or a large mirror is the best way to go. One more idea is a large artwork, which will take over the space and create a mood. Make your space functional and modern with these tips!

by Chloe

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