20 Natural Wood Slice Christmas Decor Ideas

    Christmas is coming! Are you already choosing decor and decorating your home for the holidays? If yes, then my article today may be useful for you. Today I’m sharing cool Christmas decorations made of wood slices, it’s a great way to add a natural and rustic feel to your decor.

Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments

    Grab some wood slices and create something unusual and personalized! There are many ways to make such ornaments – paint or stain them, attach fabric or strings and nails and much more! Think of what you wanna show and then consider the best way to do that – wood slices inspire creating!

Wood Slice Christmas Decor

    What other decorations can you make? First of all, wood slice Christmas wreaths – you may write letters, paint the slices, stain them and just attach them to each other to form a snowflake or a circle. Combine slices with evergreens, pinecones, fake berries, jingle bells and other things that are associated with Christmas. Second, you may go for signs and garlands, the idea is close to crafting a wreath. Make an alternative Christmas tree of wood slices and display it in moss and with pinecones. Get inspired!

by Chloe

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