20 Ways To Bring A Summer Feel To Your Home

    Summer is officially here and it’s seen everywhere outside but what about inside? Does your home look and feel like summer? Not yet? I have some simple ways and examples to share to make your home summer-like.

Climbing Plants

    Potted greenery and plants always brings a fresh and lively feel to any space but climbing plants are even better: you can place them anywhere you like, create hanging gardens and much more. Cover any furniture piece, any wall or any other item with climbing plants and don’t hesitate to use such plants in bathrooms and entryways – everywhere you want to make the room vivacious.

Floral Prints

    Floral prints always scream summer plus they are timeless, which means they won’t be out of style in a year or more. There are lots of ways to incorporate floral prints into home decor: floral wallpaper, floral upholstery and other types of textiles, artworks. You may find anything from realistic to more cartoon like florals, from bright to moody, from light-colored to pastels.


    Remove excessive furniture, decor and especially textiles: a clean space looks airy and fresh and doesn’t feel too hot. Negative space in decor, especially in lighter shades, is a way to bring some peace and relaxation to your home, so hide everything you don’t need in the summer.

by Olivia

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