20 Ways To Use IKEA Micke Desk In Your Interior

    Micke desk by IKEA is a great piece to get for any small space – I can’t imagine a better desk to fit a small nook. Micke is great as a working desk, as a study desk for kids and can be used as a vanity table, plus you can hack it in different ways to fit your needs. Wanna see some ideas? Here they are!

Micke Desk

    Micke is a great desk for working – though it’s small, it’s very comfortable and you can hack it in various ways. Make it smaller or longer, paint it, change the drawers or cover them somehow, add metallic touches, for example, metallic legs and knobs. Place several Micke desks to create a larger or shared working space.

Micke Study Desk

    Micke can be used as a study desk for kids, and to make studying or creating more attractive, you can hack the piece. Add colorful pockets for various stuff, add colorful framing and bold drawers, try color blocking and other ideas that your kid or kids love.

Micke Vanity

    Micke can be used as a vanity table – it’s a perfect piece: it’s small, it has enough storage space and it’s comfy for storing makeup and placing a mirror on it. Micke doesn’t need hacking to become an ideal part of your makeup nook, Enjoy!

by Chloe

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