20 Ways To Use IKEA Molger Bench Around The House

    IKEA Molger bench is a cool piece that can be used in many ways around the house. Wanna some ideas? here they are, let’s start!


    IKEA Molger bench is created right for entryways – what can be better for shoe and other storage? You may hack it as you like: spray paint, whitewash, change tops or legs. You may add upholstery or a cushion to make sitting more comfortable.


    Molger benches are ideal for bathrooms, there’s enough storage space and you may comfortably sit on it. Store your towels, shampoos, soaps and other stuff on and inside the bench. Hacks are also welcome to fit your space! Make an open storage vanity of a Molger bench or go for any other hack.

Outdoor Spaces

    Molger benches are great for outdoor spaces, make a corner bench for a balcony or terrace. Turn a Molger bench into a comfy one with a back and armrests or add upholstery to the seat. Enjoy!

Other Ideas

    Molger benches can be turned into stylish consoles, stylish corner seats for dining spaces, nightstands or changing tables – anything you want is welcome, Molger benches are very versatile!

by Olivia

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