The Best Ideas And DIY Roundups Of July 2017

    Hey, guys! This roundup is dedicated to the best wedding ideas of July, and in case you’ve missed some of them, just take a look and get inspired!     Wallpaper Statement Walls That Wow. Swoon-Worthy Glam Bedrooms. Adorable Fishscale Tiles Ideas For Your Home. Fabulous She Shed Ideas To Enjoy Seclusion. Modern Outdoor Planters To Add … Read more

41 Wallpaper Statement Walls That Wow

    If you have plain walls and are looking for cool ways to spruce them up, I’d advise you to make a statement wall – just one will be enough to change the look of the whole room. There are several ways to make it statement – painting, decals or wallpaper, the latter being one of … Read more

25 Swoon-Worthy Glam Bedrooms

    I’m a girl and I can’t say that I’m a sucker for all things pink, fluffy and super cute but when I see these bedrooms, I just wanna say ‘Please, leave me there!’. These amazing rooms are filled with glam in a good sense, they are stylish and gorgeous, and I bet no girl would … Read more

27 Adorable Fishscale Tiles Ideas For Your Home

    There are many types and shapes of tiles to choose from but I promise you that no tiles would look as eye-catching and gorgeous as fishscale tiles. Today I’m sharing cool ideas of fishscale tiles for various bathrooms and kitchens. Bathroom Fishscale Tiles     Fishscale tiles are amazing for any kind of bathroom, from modern to … Read more

17 Modern DIY Eye-Catching Glass Vases

via     Summer is flower time, and I’m sure that you all are enjoying fresh flowers – bought or grown. Displaying them right will make your flowers even more beautiful, so make a cool vase for that. A simple glass bottle can be dipped or spray painted and it will turn into an awesome vase! … Read more