15 Best IKEA Stool Hacks You Need To Try

    IKEA is famous for its timeless yet rather plain furniture that screams of updating. Today I’d like to share some stool hacks – Frosta, Marius, Skogsta and Bekvam. You may spruce them up painting and upholstering to use as stools or turn them into absolutely different pieces of furniture: side tables, lamps, planter stands and … Read more

20 Empty Frame Home Decor Ideas

    Artworks and mirrors are traditional for home decor but if you wanna get something more original and bold, take just frames. A bod picture frame doesn’t require any art, it’s art itself! Empty frames are a hot home decor trend, which you may incorporate into your decor adding a refined feel to it.     Empty frames … Read more

25 Wainscoting Ideas With Pros And Cons

    Wainscoting is wooden panels and trim along the lower part of the wall or cover the whole wall. Today it’s widely used as a decor feature in many interiors and it fits many decor styles.     There are three main types of wainscoting: beadboard, shadow boxes and panel molding. Beadboard is the most basic type and … Read more