21 Natural Swimming Pools And Ponds

So hot that I can’t stop dreaming of swimming in a pool! If you own one or going to make it, I’d love to share some inspiring ideas with you – today I’ve gathered natural swimming pools and ponds that look super harmonious and totally blend the landscape.


Swim in a natural pond does not leave you with itchy red eyes, dry skin or wanting a shower, which is common after swimming in chlorinated water. A natural swimming pool looks very cool in your landscape becoming an additional decor feature. A natural pond has excellent water quality, it creates a  habitat for wildlife and flora and features reduced maintenance costs.


A usual natural pool creates some space for swimming (50-70% of the surface) and some for filtration. There are lots of different configurations and looks, and minimum pool size recommendations range from 30 to 50 square meters, but there are also much smaller pools that function quite well. Water is pumped to shallow areas with abundant plant life and aggregate that act as natural filters, keeping water pure and clear.

The larger (and deeper) a pool is, the less likely it is to develop an algae problem. A deeper pool will mean a cooler water temperature, which might mean a slower start to your swimming season, but perhaps a more refreshing dip in the full heat of the summer. Somewhere between one and two meters will protect living organisms during winter. The sun promotes algae growth and photosynthesis, so really, the less exposure to sun the better. Having a natural swimming pond in your yard can actually work to reduce the population of stinging insects, by attracting dragonflies and other natural predators of fully developed mosquitoes.


Plants, some insects, amphibians and other aquatic life are part of the ecosystem of a natural swimming pond. You end up sharing your swim with all the life (stationary and mobile) who keep your pool clean and clear. Keep in mind – these little creatures will have no interest in you and are likely quicker swimmers than you, so relax and enjoy.

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