21 Ultimate Outdoor Spas For Your Backyard

    Creating an outdoor oasis that fills you with energy and health is essential today, in our stressful world. You need just an outdoor hot tub, jacuzzi or maybe a small pool as a base for your spa. Pay attention to details: natural materials like wood and stone will give your space a luxurious look, even if it’s just a piece of driftwood and usual pebbles; shells, sea stars and urchins will create a beach-inspired twist. Add candle lanterns or just candles in candle holders, or bring your outdoor fire pit close to your bathtub because two natural powers – fire and water – look fascinating together and give your relaxation. Plants and flowers around and flower petals in the tub are right what you need in a spa. Add handmade soaps, soft towels and aromatic candles for maximum relaxation, and if needed curtains for privacy. Turn your backyard into a wonderful energizing oasis!

by Olivia

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