22 Bold And Striking Industrial Home Offices

    Industrial style is very actual for loft decorating, for masculine spaces and some other areas. How to pull it off into your home office decor? Here are some ideas to do that with style.


    The main point of an industrial space is materials, such areas are all about brick, metal, leather and wood. Exposed brick walls, exposed piping, metal and wood furniture, leather chairs are what you need for an industrial home office. You may pair industrial style with rustic, vintage, minimalist or modern styles to achieve a look that you like. If you go for rustic touches, add more wood, maybe weathered and aged wood as it will fit industrial style very well. Prefer minimalism? Go for more concrete in your decor and incorporate much metal.


    Furniture choices depend more on the second style you prefer – rustic, vintage, minimalist or any other. Your desk may be very sleek and minimal, or made of a vintage sewing machine, it may be a vintage rustic item or any other. Go for metal and wooden shelving units and metal chairs – they will work for any style, and again their look depends on the style of the space.

by Olivia

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