22 IKEA Frosta Stool Hacks That Inspire

    IKEA Frosta stools are comfy and amazing pieces that can be hacked in various ways. I don’t mean only stenciling or painting, you can turn a Frosta stool literally in anything! Wanna see some ideas? Here they are!

IKEA Frosta Hacks

    Turn IKEA Frosta stool or stools in whatever you like! It can become a lamp, a shelving unit – a wall one or a hanging one, a swing, a cat tree or a sofa caddy. You’ll have to make some changes and maybe paint or stencil the piece as you like, and the tutorials will be rather simple. If you love the pics we’ve gathered, just search for proper DIYs and go ahead!

IKEA Frosta Stool Sprucing Up

    If you think that IKEA Frosta is too boring, give it a new and fresh look! There are many ways: painting, stenciling, upholstering with various fabrics, changing legs and even embroidering. Add an additional shelf under the seat to maximize the storage. Enjoy!

by Olivia

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