22 IKEA Metod Cabinet Hacks You’ll Definitely Enjoy

    IKEA Metod cabinets are simple and plain kitchen ones that feature basically very minimal design. How to make them catchy and interesting for your space? Here are some cool hacks!

Cabinets And Sideboards

    If you need a cabinet – here it is, just spruce it up a little bit! Cover the doors with new front panels, make a new tabletop and add legs if you want. Choose your own hack according to the style of the space you have and try various colors – who said that a cabinet should be only neutral? Sideboards, especially floating ones, are also very easy to build of IKEA Metod cabinets. Attach several units together and add a tabletop for a more cohesive look. Voila!

Other Furniture

    IKEA Metod cabinets can be turned into benches, nightstands, various storage units – as large as you need, and vanities and consoles of various looks and kinds. Take a look at the hacks below and decide which one is the best for you!

by Olivia

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