22 Smart And Easy IKEA Trones Hacks

    IKEA Trones is a neutral piece that takes up little space as it is shallow, and is ideal for storing shoes, gloves and scarves and also many other items around the house. How to use it through the home and how to hack it to personalize? Let’s take a look.


    IKEA Trones unit is ideal to use as a console, it’s small, sleek and can be spruced up in various ways. If you aren’t satisfied with the color, repaint it or decorate them with decoupage. Add a tabletop that fits your space: light-colored wood, rich-colored wood, whitewashed wood and so on. You may also change the doors and add knobs or pulls for more comfort.

Other Storage Items

    IKEA Trones units may be used anywhere for storage and spruced up to make them cool. Create a comfortable shoe storage headboard in your bedroom – build it up of Trones pieces or incorporate them into the headboard. Use Trones for storage in various small rooms – bathrooms, toilets, closets, small kitchens. Add stickers to the drawers to mark them for kids, if it’s a kids’ storage unit.

by Olivia

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