22 Under The Stairs Home Office Nooks

    If you are facing the problem of lack of space in your home, don’t get upset – there are many ways to save some space and use every inch that you have. One of them is using dead space under the stairs, for storage, for a laundry, a reading nook or a home office. How to create a cozy and comfortable for working home office nook under the stairs? Here are some tips.


    Let’s be honest: one table lamp won’t be enough to illuminate the whole nook and reading and working there often will mean spoiling your eyesight. Go for various layers of light to make working here enjoyable and if it’s possible, make a staircase with no risers or just remove them from the existing piece – it guarantees that your home office nook will get much light. Make a separate window in this home office nook, which will flood it with natural light and let you enjoy the views.


    Choose a functional desk with drawers – even if it’s a small floating desk, make it with a drawer for various stuff. Place various cabinets around the desk, attach some on the wall or build in some shelves, which will look airier and lightweight than bulky cabinets. The cabinets can be even attached to the wall and form a ladder themselves. Get inspired and squeeze maximum from your space!

by Olivia

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