22 Ways To Cover Your Christmas Tree Base

    Decorating Christmas trees isn’t only about ornaments, lights and garlands, it’s also about hiding what’s ugly or improper. Christmas tree bases aren’t always very cool-looking usually, and you may hide them in various ways to make them cooler. How? Here are some useful and cute ideas.


    Baskets are great for covering the tree base, they can easily bring a rustic feel to your space, which is very cozy. Baskets can match rustic, Scandinavian, minimalist, modern decor style easily, and if the color of the basket isn’t for you, you may spray paint it.


    Tree skirts are a traditional thing, there are tons of ideas in any colors, with beading, embroidery, patterns and prints. If you don’t feel like traditional skirts, think of just white faux fur, which will imitate snow. Try chunky knit to cover the base, it will add a modern feel and a texture.


    Galvanized and zinc buckets and bathtubs are a great idea to over your tree base if you want an industrial and maybe vintage feel. There are also laser cut metal buckets, which look catchier and softer than usual ones. You may find glam bash metal collars to add a shiny touch.

Other Ideas

    Wooden crates are a great way to add a rustic and industrial feel to your tree, they look very cozy. Cover your tree base with a gift box, try a tire, or a mirror collar for a glam feel. Get inspired!

by Olivia

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