22 White Walls Ideas That Aren’t Boring

    White walls are the most common idea for home decor today because white walls create a great base for any kind of decor and style and it can be combined with literally any other colors. The only disadvantage is that plain white walls are a bit boring, you see them everywhere. How to avoid that? Choose creative materials to cover the walls, interesting panels, wallpaper – anything you like! Here are some examples.


    Bricks are very popular for home decor now, they can easily fit any space from a rustic or industrial to a glam one. A white brick wall is a great way to add texture and interest to any room, and if you want a more raw look, go for shabby whitewashed bricks.


    Whitewashed wood is a popular idea for coastal, beach, vintage, shabby chic and rustic interiors. Rock some whitewashed wooden walls as a statement or make all of them whitewashed, it’s up to your space. You may give the wood a neater look painting the wood in white, not just whitewashing, such an idea will work nice for a rustic space.


    Molding is a hot trend in decor, it’s used not only in refined vintage spaces, it’s widely applied to modern, minimalist, glam, contemporary interiors, the more the contrast between the molding and the decor is, the cooler is the result. Apply some molding to your walls or keep the existing molding and add a refined feel to it.

3D Panels And Acoustic Panels

    If you want a bold statement, make a statement wall of 3D panels or acoustic panels, it will work for sure! There are different panels available, and you may create a very bold and eye-catchy wall choosing the option that you like.


    You may spruce up your bathroom or kitchen with cool white tiles in different shapes and looks. Highlight your tiles with contrasting grout, black, red or even pink, and you’ll get a very cool bathroom or kitchen space. Enjoy!

by Olivia

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