23 Dreamy And Exciting Moroccan Bedrooms

Boho chic décor is very popular now and Moroccan touches are indispensable ones for this style. If you love such décor, you can go full Moroccan – this is a very dreamy idea! How to pull off this style in your bedroom and wat colors to choose? I’ve gathered chic Moroccan bedrooms to inspire you, take a look!

Neutral Moroccan Bedrooms

Neutrals and monochrome are very popular for decorating a contemporary Moroccan bedroom. Rock an all-white bedroom, earthy shades, black and white, greys and other neutrals you love. Go for a beautiful carved wooden bed with a canopy or at least a headboard, add candle lanterns and Morocco-style metal lamps, carved wooden nightstands and stools and leather ottomans. Add gorgeous Moroccan bedding and bring in prints with rugs, curtains and upholstery.

Colorful Moroccan Bedrooms

If you love colors, why not rock bold walls or at least one bright wall? Choose any color you want, though aqua or turquoise are very popular for Moroccan spaces and they can be a nice choice. As for furniture – go for all the same, finish off your bed with bright bedding, add potted plants and ornate mirrors. Enjoy!

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