23 Edgy Staircase Design And Decor Trends For 2019

    If you have a staircase at home, you may refresh and renovate it to keep it modern. What are the hottest staircase decor and design trends for now? Take a look at them below.

Colorful Stairs

    A staircase is a cool piece to add color and pattern to your space, it will make a statement in your home. You may paint the whole staircase – try to incorporate ombre to make the stairs bolder. You may also decorate only the risers – with bright wallpaper, with stickers, with tiles even! This is usually easier than decorating the whole staircase and gives no less impact.

Floating Steps

    Floating staircases are contemporary classics, they are extremely popular for creating a strong statement, for adding a modern and edgy feel. Your staircase can be of any material – wood, metal, glass, and can be absolutely seamless or integrated into the bookshelves on the walls. There are tons of super stylish ideas to rock.

Under The Stairs Nooks

    Use dead space under the stairs and make this awkward nook functional and working. It can become make a mudroom, a library, a wine tasting space, a home office, a crafting space, a laundry, a pantry or any other nook you want.

Built-In Handrails

    Built-in handrails is a catchy and very sleek idea that works for minimalist and contemporary interiors very well. They can also come with LEDs and other lights to illuminate the space without wasting too much energy. Enjoy!

by Olivia

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