23 Glam Christmas Decor Ideas

    There are various styles for decorating Christmas: rustic, minimalist, industrial and others but if you don’t feel like anything traditional and want to add modern holiday cheer and colors, try glam Christmas decor. Glam decor will be loved not only by girls but also by guys, children and everyone! let me share some cute ideas.

Glam Christmas Trees And Tree Decor

    A Christmas tree is the main holiday decoration, and you may make it glam – make a tree covering a cone with a gold sequin garland or order metallic frames and hang shiny ornaments inside. Another idea is just glam Christmas tree decor, and a snowy or pure white tree will be the best option for that. Get some metallic ornaments and garlands of your choice or go for colorful decorations in hot pink, gold, emerald and blue. Top the tree with a large ribbon bow and enjoy!

Other Ideas

    Make a glam Christmas wreath of faux fur, shiny snowflakes, beads and pearls and add a glam feel to your front door. Hang some sequin stockings, lush ornament and evergreen garlands and decorate your mantel with them, too. Metallic ornaments and decorations are welcome not only cause they are the trend of this year but also because they look shiny and glam. Have the most glamorous Christmas ever!

by Olivia

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