24 Budget-Friendly Ways To Refresh Your Bedroom

    In spring we are all striving for changes, and the best idea to start is changing the space around you. Let’s renovate a space where you spend a lot of time – your bedroom, a very important space as here you go to sleep and wake up, which means that it influences your mood and feelings a lot. And most of us don’t like splurging, let’s refresh it on a budget. Here are some ideas.

Make A Headboard Statement

    The easiest way to change your bed without actually swapping it to another one is adding a gorgeous statement headboard. It can be a leather one for an industrial feel, or a soft upholstered headboard for comfortable reading in bed, or a bold statement wing headboard in some bright color for a wow effect. There are tons of tutorials you may go for and most of them are budget-friendly, so feel free to choose!

Add Colors Or Prints

    If you wanna change the room more radically, add a statement wall – in some bold color or with bright printed wallpaper, it’s a hot trend. But such a decoration will stay with you for a long time, and if you want just some temporary changes, add a bright rug, curtains or bedding and change them whenever you want, or go for a bold piece of furniture that may be taken to another room when you get tired of it.

Go Green

    Greenery brings outdoors indoors, so your bedroom will be fresher at once. Hang some potted greenery in your room, place some on the floor or bedside tables, or anywhere you want. This method is very budget-friendly and you will feel at ease in the bedroom with plants.

by Olivia

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