24 Cool Boho Kitchen Decor Ideas

    Boho chic style keeps conquering the world and if you like it and want to incorporate it into your home decor, feel free to look through our roundups – we are gathering the coolest ideas from all around the web. Today we are sharing some boho kitchens, take a look!

Neutral Boho Kitchens

    Neutrals are popular for boho spaces as paired with this style they create a cool contemporary feel. Go neutrals, add light-colored wood, mosaic tiles in a monochromatic color scheme, add jute rugs and rattan furniture and lampshades and refresh the space with potted greenery. Add a touch of color with a colorful gypsy rug.

Colorful/ Dark Boho Kitchens

    Bright and saturated colors are very popular for boho chic spaces. If you want to style your kitchen like that, rock mismatching cabinets, colorful boho rugs and towels, jute, rattan and bright furniture. Make a colorful mosaic tile backsplash and buy a colorful fridge, and voila! One more bold and catchy idea is to go for a dark boho kitchen – it’s a modern and fresh idea. Dark kitchen cabinets may be spruced up with neutrals and light-colored wood plus mosaic tiles or with bright shades. Get inspired!

by Olivia

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