24 Gorgeous Outdoor Bathrooms To Get Inspired

    I must confess: having a bath outdoors is what I really love. It’s very relaxing when you are soaking outdoors breathing fresh air in and maybe enjoying a sunset. If you are like me and love having a bath outdoors or are planning to design one, you should consider two main things: privacy and creating an ambiance. Here are some tips and ideas.


    Privacy is one of the main concerns while designing an outdoor bathroom cause you wanna feel as comfortable as possible there. There are many ways to achieve comfort and privacy in your outdoor bathroom, and the maximal privacy level is a private courtyard, which is surrounded with walls from all the sides – there’s nothing cozier than that though you may lack the views. One more way to go is to rock not very tall walls or screens around the bathtub, they can be easily DIYed. If you don’t have time to build anything or don’t want much effort but still want privacy, add curtains around the bathtub.


    Creating an ambiance is essential: you are going to have the best time ever in your oasis, which means you’ll need proper decor. There are a lot of styles and ideas to try: minimalist, tropical, gypsy or boho, vintage, industrial and much more. To give your outdoor space a spa-like feel, you may add pebbles on the ground, install a wooden deck or tiles over them. Potted greenery will enliven any outdoor bathroom, even the most moody or laconic one. Lanterns or various pendant lamps will illuminate the space and make it more welcoming, which also means more relaxing. Enjoy!

by Olivia

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