24 IKEA Pax Wardrobe Hacks

    IKEA is one of the most popular furniture producers in the world, maybe the most famous one. Their pieces are chic, timeless and awesome and easily fit most of spaces, and if not – you can easily hack the item so that it fit your room. IKEA hacks are everywhere, and there are tons of ideas to change each piece. Today we are sharing some ideas to hack IKEA Pax, which is a cool and simple wardrobe. Let’s get started!


    The easiest idea is to hack IKEA Pax wardrobe with paint – take some paint you like and change the doors. It may be any color, from navy to light green, find a color or several colors that fit your space style and decor. Change the door knobs or handles to create a stylish harmonious look. If it’s a kids’ space, you may go for chalkboard paint to inspire creativity.

Different Doors+Knobs

    If you want a completely different look, change the doors. It’s a harder way than just re-painting but Pax wardrobe is ideal for hacking – you can achieve any look you can imagine. You may use something from IKEA like Bergsbo or make your own ones. Re-frame and re-paint them as you want, add colors, stain, molding and so on, and don’t forget to find proper handles or knobs.

Other Ideas

    Some other ideas may include adhesive paper of different kinds, wallpaper, fabric panels or even door knobs or handles. Get inspired and go create something!

by Olivia

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