24 Outdoor Cat Enclosures And Catios [Part 2]

If you are a happy owner of a cat or several cats, you know how much your pets love outdoors. Going outdoors isn’t always safe for them due to various reasons but no worries – there are cool cat enclosures that will let your fluffy friend enjoy sunshine and fresh air.

Small Outdoor Cat Enclosures

A small cat enclosure can be often attached to the window, through which your cat will have access to it. What can you place inside it? Well, if it’s very small, stick to just a bed where your cat will sleep. If you have more space, you can insert a branch to climb, a scratcher, a bowl with water or/and food. Make sure that your cat can leave this patio whenever it wants – it’s important.

Large Outdoor Cat Enclosures

If you have enough space, build a large catio for your furry friends. Place it on a green lawn or a deck – your kitties will love to lie on the wood warmed up by the sun or on the grass. Make some cat trees with houses and beds, so that your cat could find a place. Put a cat toilet and bowls with water and food – these are necessities, and if your cats can’t easily leave the space, make sure there’s a shelter. This shelter is necessary to hide from rain or just to stay alone when a cat wants so. You can also include some natural elements like plants (make sure they aren’t poisonous) and waterfalls that can substitute a water bowl. Make your cat happy!

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