24 Trendy Boho Home Office Decor Ideas

If you are a sucker for boho chic style, implement it throughout your home and don’t forget that cozy home office nook or a whole home office and integrate boho décor there, too. If you are looking for inspiration for a boho chic home office, here it is.


Boho chic spaces can be different: neutral, monochromatic, earthy or even colorful if you go with Moroccan aesthetic. But if you wanna concentrate better and faster and don’t get distracted from work too much, your choice shouldn’t be too colorful. All-neutrals, monochrome and maybe just some bold touches are perfect for a comfortable working space.


The main piece in your home office is a desk, and boho chic spaces welcome a mid-century modern or rustic piece better than others, though if you are mixing boho with some other styles, you may go for a simple and sleek desk, too, or try a glam one even. Open shelving won’t look bulky and will accommodate everything you need, and some baskets for storage will keep your space boho. Ottomans, stools, chairs and even chests are totally up to you and the amount of space you own.


Boho chic style is definitely about adding décor and artworks. Go for gallery walls with signs, macramé and fringe, hats and decorative baskets, artworks of various kinds. Boho rugs, sunburst mirrors and lamps are a must for a boho space, and you may also add wicker and rattan touches for a cozier feel. Add potted plants, cacti and succulents for a fresh feel – this is another must for a boho area. Enjoy working!

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