25 Breakfast Bar Ideas For Tiny Kitchens

    Even if your kitchen is very small, you can still have everything necessary there including an eating space. Puzzling over organizing a breakfast bar or a tiny meal space? Here are some genius ideas!

Windowsill Breakfast Bars

    A windowsill can be used for storage or turned into a breakfast bar or drink bar! Go for a wider and thicker windowsill to make it comfier, think of attaching it higher than usual to make it comfy for sitting at it. Add a couple of stools and you’ll get a comfy and lively eating space with lots of natural light.

Floating Breakfast Bars

    If your kitchen is extra small, think of having a wall-mounted breakfast bar and make it foldable to fold it when not in need. Make it as large as you want and need and attach it in the space, which is comfortable for you. One more smart idea is attaching a floating breakfast bar to your kitchen island – it will separate the cooking and the eating space.

Other Breakfast Bars

    Some other ideas may include partly wall-mounted, partly legged breakfast bars, tiny bar counters placed where it’s comfortable and bar counters attached to the kitchen islands – make them taller or lower than the cooking surface to highlight it. Get inspired!

by Olivia

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