25 Cool Changing Tables Of IKEA Items

    Changing tables are a must for every nursery, and if you need one but still don’t have it, I have some ideas for you! Grab an IKEA piece and turn it into a changing table that fits your nursery style. What to renovate? Here are some ideas, I hope you’ll like them!

IKEA Hemnes Dresser

    IKEA Hemnes dresser is an ideal piece to turn into a changing table, it features much storage space and you may use the countertop for changing. You may hack it in a ton of ways: paint it, stencil it, chalkboard it, change knobs for cooler ones or for pulls. Stain the whole piece or add a comfy wooden top to the dresser. Hack the piece so that it fit your space and enjoy!

IKEA Kallax/Expedit Shelf

    IKEA Expedit or Kallax bookshelf is another great piece to rock, it also features much storage space, though it’s open. If you aren’t happy with this fact, insert drawers, baskets or boxes into all the compartments or to some of them. As for hacking – painting, staining and wrapping the whole piece with stained wood is a great idea.

IKEA Tarva Dresser

    IKEA Tarva dressers of various sizes are great for using them as changing tables, there are many drawers to store everything you need. Paint, stencil, add stylish pulls and voila! I love the idea of staining the dresser to give it a chic rustic vintage look.

IKEA Malm Dresser

    IKEA Malm dresser is a great changing table idea for compact spaces – it’s not large but enough for storage and for a baby. Paint it in various ways and maybe add a countertop for more comfort. Get inspired!

by Chloe

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