25 Coolest Christmas Tree Alternatives

    If you don’t feel like a traditional Christmas tree, or don’t have enough space for it, or maybe want an additional tree for another room, I’m rushing to help you! There are tons of ideas to make your own alternative Christmas tree, and today we’ll show you some of the coolest ones.

Wall-Mounted Christmas Trees

    A wall-mount tree means saving space, it can be made in any space from a kitchen to a home office. You can make a Christmas tree of lights – usual or whimsy ones. If you have a chalkboard wall, chalking a tree and then attaching lights will be super easy. You may go for a Christmas ornament tree – just create a shape you like. Attaching driftwood, wood planks or evergreen branches to the wall and decorating them with ornaments is another chic and easy idea.

Christmas Tree Signs

    A Christmas tree sign is even cooler than a wall-mount tree because it’s mobile and you can put it wherever you want. It can be made of PVC pipes with ornaments inside, of only ornaments or lights and garlands – it’s up to you and your decor style.

Other Ideas

    There are many more ideas to try: evergreen branches with ornaments, ornaments hung on a ladder, plywood Christmas trees and even wood shelves. Choose what you like most of all and go make it!

by Olivia

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