25 Coolest Pallet Furniture Items To DIY

Pallets are a nice material for a lot of crafts and you can make a lot of furniture of them recycling. Today we are sharing pallet beds – they are extremely cool and you can DIY most of them using tutorials from the web. Take a look!

Pallet Beds

A pallet bed is a great idea for many bedrooms – it’s easy to make, it can have some storage space inside it or on top. A pallet bed will fit a boho, rustic, industrial and even contemporary bedroom and can be stained and painted in various ways. You may also hang your bed, place it on casters to move or incorporate lights inside the pallet bed to create an ambience.

Pallet Tables

A pallet dining table can be a nice idea if you don’t have one and want to craft a piece fast. Pallet wood and even pallets themselves work nice in such cases, you may paint, stain, whitewash and give any other looks to your dining table. Add trendy hairpin legs, stable metal ones or even casters to move it around.

Pallet Shelves

Craft a pallet rack or shelf for your home, storage space can never be excessive. A pallet shoe rack can hold not only shoes but also umbrellas and even potted greenery and blooms. A pallet wine shelf can hold wine bottles, liquors, glasses and much more. Spice racks, bathroom shelves, clothes racks and many other shelves and racks can be built of pallet wood. Get inspired!

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