25 Coolest Upholstered Headboard Ideas

    A headboard is an important part of your bed because it is a part of decor, it can make a statement, add color and be functional: contain lights or a nightstand. Today I’d like to share some chic upholstered headboard ideas that will add texture to any bedroom. Let’s see what you can upholster them with.

Leather Headboards

    One of the most popular ideas for upholstering a headboard is leather, it’s timeless, chic and textural and will fit many spaces: masculine, industrial, modern, boho and minimalist. The color is up to you: brown, amber, black, navy, cognac and so on. If you want more eye-catchiness, try a woven leather headboard, it will be cute for a vintage boho interior.

Modern Headboards

    If you have a modern space, then you might like the idea of a cool modern headboard to rock. It may be a usual padded headboard but to make it bolder you can go for an oversized one, or go for textures – make a woven padded headboard, or add a frame. Bold and chic fabrics like velvet and colors like emerald is another great idea – adding a colorful touch is also a statement.

Other Ideas

    Classic tufted headboards are always nice, and to make them amazing, opt for wingback ones and choose bold colors. Create a vintage-inspired upholstered headboard with tufted or plain upholstery and rock it in your space. Get inspired!

by Olivia

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