25 Edgy Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

    Though bathrooms aren’t usually big, decorating even a small space is important to make it welcoming and inviting. How can we decorate bathroom walls with style? Of course, you may go for catchy tiles and various bold colors but there are more interesting and easy to incorporate ideas, take a look at them below.


    Using bold printed wallpaper has become a hot trend, and you may see a lot of rooms decorated with it, bathrooms aren’t an exception. You may combine it with tiles or wood on the walls or go for a statement wallpaper wall, just keep in mind that it should have a water-resistant surface, or keep it far from the sink and bathtub.


    Wood is very popular for bathroom decor, it may be used for accents in stone and tile clad bathrooms. Try a wood clad statement wall or highlight your bathtub with wood clad around it, add matching mats and a vanity of the same wood, and a spa feel in your bathroom will be extra strong.


    A cool artwork is an easy idea to add a stylish touch to your bathroom. It can be oversized or usual, a gallery wall or a single piece; you may try paintings or your personal photos to make the space more welcoming and remind yourself of the cool beach holidays. Such an item is easy to change: when you get tired of it, just take it off the wall and hang another one.


    Rock an oversized mirror in your bathroom, it will make your space look larger and will fill it with light. A large mirror in a refined frame or a whole wall clad with antique mirror is a chic idea to add a sophisticated touch to your bathroom.

Living walls

    A living wall is a very trendy idea now, many home owners rock them in their homes, and I think that a bathroom is one of the best spaces to do that. Include a living wall into your shower or bathtub space or go for a greenery wall in the sink zone and your bathroom will feel like outdoors.

by Olivia

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