25 Fantastic Boho Chic Bathrooms

Boho chic style is one of top styles right now, and if you are a fan of this spiritual and wild style, our blog can inspire you a lot – we are sharing the coolest boho home décor ideas from around the web. Today we are talking about bathrooms and ways to bring a free-spirited feel there.

Walls And Floors

If you are planning a boho bathroom from the beginning, you may incorporate some boho motifs into wall, ceiling and floor décor. Try a whitewashed wooden floor or go for mosaic tiles with Moroccan motifs or just mosaics on the floor or walls. You may also try bold printed wallpaper with mid-century or boho patterns but keep in mind that tiles are more durable.

Décor And Accessories

Even if you didn’t plan going boho from the beginning, you may do that with various decorations and accessories – boho chic is all about that. Let’s start from rugs: go for boho rugs, jute ones or even faux fur, though it’s not very practical for bathrooms. Potted plants, succulents and cacti are right what you need for a boho space, and you may go for basket planters or some printed boho ones. Add grass covered or wicker lamps, wooden stools and tree stumps as side tables, and pay attention to wall décor. Various artworks, decorative baskets and plates and just pampas grass and rugs on the wall are perfection! Light up candles and start your spiritual bathing experience!

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